Create exams online for your institution in less than 5 minutes
A powerful platform to meet all your online exam conducting requirements
Easy to Use
Intuitive and easy to learn User interface for Students and teachers.
Personalized Question Bank
Make your own Personalized question bank with the unlimited no. of questions.
Automated Evaluation
No more extra effort in the exam evaluation. With automated evaluation tool, evauation is done with a single click.
Real Time Detailed Report
Announce real time result along with the detailed report such as speed, accuracy, time taken, percentile, marks and number of questions attempted.
Award winning Support
Our support team is just a call away in case of any doubt or query.
Unlimited number of Users
Effortlessly test unlimited students on the same time across multiple locations with the ExamJoy platform.
Make Question Bank
Add questions from different courses and make your own question bank.
Design Your Test in 5 min
Add questions from the question bank and make your test within 5 minutes.
Conduct Timely Test
Assign a time for test conducting. Test would start strictly at the defined time.
Update Results
Host the result and performance of the students.
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